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Love Off Leash K9 Training! These guys are the best! Have huge hearts and truly care about dogs and their well being. We highly recommend them! – Derek Pepin

5starsJan is amazing and that is an understatement. She transformed our 5 month old German Shepherd from being an out of control pup to a dog that listened to what it was told. I’m so so happy we went with Jan and Off Leash training, and it was certainly worth every penny spent. – Kelly Powell

5starsJan is truly amazing at what she does. She takes every challenge with patience and truly has confidence in every dog, and goes above and beyond for every animal! Love her and her mission! – Kelsey Holmes

5starsTwo lessons into this and the improvement in my dog has been amazing. Thank you Jan and I will recommend you to everyone! – Jeff Steimer

5starsJan, the video was GREAT!, and Maxey is definitely a different dog now. We can’t thank you enough for your valuable training. I am not one to post on Facebook, so please accept this as our gratitude to you. Arlene Gaiser~9.27.16

5starsWords are inadequate to thank you for the changes you have made in Spike, and the quality of my life, as well as his. We are still both learning, but you have given us a solid foundation to build on. My oldest grandson, Frazier, thinks that it is not possible for him to change so much. He says you found a dog that looks just like him and substituted it. So far everyone that has seen him, including me, agrees that you are a miracle worker. You and your family have been very kind; you were able to give me extra attention and pointers about what to do. I am thankful for the Blessing you have been in my life.-Joy Frazier 8.16.16

5starsJan and her training has been the best thing for our wild goldens! They are always a work in progress, but this is our third trainer and we finally feel we are on the right path, and have the knowledge and tools to have behaved pups! She has helped with people coming over, (decreased jumping) they come when they’re called, and it has made our lives a ton less stressful! We are so grateful! 3/19/16 Annie McGraw

5starsSimple commands that do wonders for unconfident dogs like mila my plott hound puppy. She was afraid of all noises, people, and places she was unsure of which made difficult to take her anywhere and now she is confident in new places and showing interest in people. Jan makes everything easy to understand so that reinforcing at home is easy. Thanks Jan and off leash K9! 3/5/16 Jennifer Smith

5starsJan is the most amazing teacher – she created a unique curriculum to fit my deaf Pittbull Roxy. Everything we learned was catered to her, and we are so happy with the results! Roxy is an extremely energetic baby, and it was hard to communicate with her – but with our e-collar, she has mastered the skills we learned in our lessons! I can honestly say we are sad that our lessons are over, and I want everyone to know that this program is amazing and worth every penny! 1/31/16 Katie Skiera

5starsWe had a great and extremely positive experience with Jan and K9 Off Leash. Our German Shepherd came a very long way after 4 sessions. We have the tools and knowledge to be the owners that she needs and deserves. I am so glad to have had the K9 Off Leash and Jan training. Thumbs up! 1/31/16 Cathy Williams

5starsJan was extremely calm with my stubborn dog and completely transformed him! I’m so thankful for everything she has done! 1/14/2016 Jordan Thompson

5starsJan does absolutely fantastic work Cinnamon is so well behaved now and listens so much better then she ever had before! I truly do recommend her to anyone with a dog he transformation was amazing! 1/11/16 Mitch Laurance

5starsJan has truly changed mine and my dogs life for the better. If your trying to find the right trainer, you found her. Maxx is my 5 year old GSD who has a medical condition known as MegaE. I was turned down by at least 10 trainers before I found Jan. From the first time we spoke on the phone I had complete peace about her working with Maxx. She made sure to put Maxx’s health first, and has been so patient with him. Maxx and I both suffered from extreme anxiety, he wouldn’t listen and thought he was in control. He would whine for no reason and pull your arm near about off while walking on a leash. He also had some aggression towards people. Jan showed me how to control my anxiety and how to gain control over Maxx again. She instilled basic obedience and Maxx’s anxiety is gone. He is confident and so am I. It is an amazing feeling being able to walk him down the road and him not pull on his leash and being able to engage in conversation with my neighbors without him barking. Maxx can now go to the fire station where my husband volunteers and come into contact with so many people and just be a happy calm dog. For the first time someone complimented me on how well behaved my dog was, it’s all thanks to Jan. I will never be able to thank her enough for everything she has done. She truly cares about making a difference and helping with your dogs issues. Trust me when I say this will be the BEST thing you do for yourself and your fur baby. – Kristy Fulwood, Shallotte, NC

5starsValor came to Jan with lots of problems. He was overly protective of our car, skiddish near cars, motorcycles, and strangers. He would not come when called. He knew sit and down but no other commands, and very mouthy and bossy. In 2 weeks at Board and Train with Jan we got a new and improved version. He goes to Lowes and the car dealership, heels, greets everyone politely. I. The yard he plays ball comes on command and can even maintain his sit when multiple dogs attempt enter our yard. We never expected such a dramatic turn around. Thrilled beyond words. Worth every dollar we spent. ~ Shirley LeBoeuf

5starsIt is hard to put into words how grateful I am for the training my 12 month old pitt/boxer mix Gunther and I received from Jan. I love my dog, but he did not listen at all and I dreaded taking him for a walk as he dragged me down the street, attacked his leash constantly and was completely distracted. After just our first lesson I had a completely different dog and he got better and better with each and every lesson. If you are worried about the cost, it is worth every penny! I only wish I’d started sooner. We had so much fun working with Jan and I’m looking forward to continuing with the Advanced Lessons. ~ Heather Mercer

5starsJan is truly amazing. Not only does she know what she’s doing but she loves doing it. I emailed Jan after doing some research in the Wilmington area and stumbling on her Facebook page. She called me after receiving my email and we spoke on the phone for 45 min! She explained all the different programs and listened to me describe all the issues I was having with my 3 year old Australian Shepherd, Zuko, and assessed which program would be best fit for us. We arranged an initial meeting so she could meet Zuko and I and see how we interacted with each other. I didn’t often take Zuko in public, only to the vet really. He was scared of everything; people, loud noises, and other dogs, which in turn gave me a lot of anxiety taking him anywhere. I was scared how he would react and bite someone as he has done before. When my boyfriend and I were on the way to the meeting I started panicking and having a lot of anxiety. After the meeting I felt so much relief. I knew Jan could help me. Not only did she give me the structure Zuko and I both needed, she educated me on his behavior. Why he was reacting the way he did and how to correct it. She helped me understand my dog, what he was going through, and how to help him. If you are looking for any sort of dog training, Jan is the angel you’ve been looking for. I am no longer afraid to take Zuko in public after completing the program. I know how to handle my dog with confidence and he is confident in public, something I never thought could be possible for him! I can’t wait to start the advanced program with Jan and will sing her praises to everyone I come across! Thank you so much Jan!!!!!! ~ Ashley Lynne

5starsJan does absolutely fantastic work Cinnamon is so well behaved now and listens so much better then she ever had before! I truly do recommend her to anyone with a dog the transformation was amazing! ~ Mitch Laurance

5starsJan goes above and beyond to make sure your dog becomes a loyal and obedient friend. She loves w

5starsIf you’re wondering if the obedience lessons are worth it, like I was, I can promise you it is. Our dog Gus has completely transformed. There are too many good things to list, but the main thing has been the confidence that Gus and I have both gained through K-9 Off Leash training. Our bond has gotten a lot stronger and in that, he follows my commands like a champ and LOVES to work for me. I used to avoid taking him for walks but he stopped pulling after the first day of learning “heal”. One simple command “off” and he stops whatever he is doing whether we are at home or in public with distractions. Like I mentioned, I was hesitant to spend my hard earned money for only four lessons and I will admit that I had doubts but I was blown away by the results. Jan is an amazing amazing person and will work with you just as much as the dog. She can look at the situation and see what’s needed and work around that. There is so much more I want to say but I think I’ve said enough smile emoticon Highly recommended!! ~ 4/1/2015 Jessica Hendricks

5starsOur little man, Ody, was giving my husband and I a fit at our new apartment. He lunged at the door, tried to eat small children and other dogs, and barked at Casper all the time. The smallest noises would set him off ( and we live on the bottom floor of an apartment). After several training fails, we had given up on him. We were having painful conversations about giving him up, but decided to give him one last try. It was worth it! Ody is a new dog! It has been a long journey, but he is now an obedient dog who actually listens (despite being a dachshund) and is a joy to be around. I cannot wait to come home and train my dog! I was once a frustrated owner who would rather stay at work than come home to frustrating pet. Now I can enjoy my dog! Thank you OLK9 for giving me my little man back. We owe you all!! ~ 11/8/2014 Jen Holmes

5starsJan gave me a very different dog. He is happy, healthy and working to please his family. Charlie was on the cusp of having to be put down and Jan gave us hope for him to live a great life! ~ Vickie Pait 11/4/2014