Wilmington NC Dog Obedience Training

Off Leash K9 Training is excited to offer Dog Obedience Training in the Wilmington, NC area. Let’s face it. Most people incorporate their dog into their life. Your dog is part of your family. The way your dog acts can make your life a dream…..or a nightmare. You send your child to school…… why wouldn’t you send your dog to school to learn good behavior? Regardless of Breed, Size, Shape or Age, most dogs can be trained to have AMAZING obedience!

Why Choose Off Leash K9 Training Of Wilmington?

You will understand why your dog is doing what he or she does. You will be provided with the tools to remediate the unwanted behaviors and bring your dog back into becoming a productive member of the family. We conduct personal personalized one-on-one private obedience lessons with owners and dogs, utilizing marker and e-collar training for obedience.

Stay in an environment that you are used to.

Trusted Expert Dog Trainers located in Wilmington makes it easy to get started.


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